Central Java is known for its culture like wayang, gamelan and batik, historical sights like the Borobudur and Prambanan, cities like Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang and very fertile farmland on which mainly tobacco and rice is grown. Central Java is the most productive traditional agricultural area in the world.


Villa Ditya is situated in a small village near Klaten just outside the Yogyakarta region, on a less than 10 minutes' drive from the main road.
Klaten is a provincial city in Central Java and has a nice city center with a local market, shops, banks, restaurants, food stalls and a Matahari department store including a large supermarket.

How to get there

Klaten is halfway the main road between the city of Yogyakarta (approx. 20 km or 12 miles) and Solo/Surakarta (approx. 35 km or 18 miles). Klaten has a bus terminal from where buses to Yogyakarta and Solo ride.
Klaten also has a train station. The railway line runs in a westerly direction towards Prambanan, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta and eastwards to Solo, Surabaya, Kalibaru and Banyuwangi. From Banyuwangi boat crossing to Bali can be made (click here for a map of the railway lines on Java).
Both in Yogyakarta and Solo is an international airport. Several airline companies (for instance KLM, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Garuda Indonesia) have daily flights to Yogyakarta or Solo. From Yogyakarta and Solo there are daily flights to Bali and other destinations.
From the train station or airport we can arrange a transfer to the villa. Transfer prices can be found on the Prices tab.

Things to see

Klaten is amongst others known for its sugar factory Gondang Winangoen which was built during the Dutch colonial era. The steam engine of the sugar factory (built by Stork in the Netherlands) is still used. Next to the factory is a small museum.
A few kilometres away from Klaten is a large lake (Waduk Jombor). In this lake you can fish and in the floating restaurants you can eat (self-caught) fish.
Also the world famous Hindu temple complex Prambanan is nearby (approx. 12 km or miles).


In Klaten and in the immediate vicinity of Klaten (distance less than 15 miles) is much to see and to do. Click here for a complete overview.
Villa Ditya has 4 bicycles that can be rented for a small amount per day. By bicycle you can explore the area and enjoy the beautiful scenery, small villages where it appears that time stood still, the activities on the tabacco and rice fields and the friendly, local people.
Also you can hire an Indonesian pedicab (becak) per trip or per day. If you do not want to cycle, renting a scooter or a carriage with horses (dokar) is also possible. Of course you can also explore the area on foot.

Due to the central location of Villa Ditya it is not only possible to make excursions in the near vicinity but also make daytrips to more distant sights and places. For an overview and possibilities, please click on the Daytrips tab.